Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Product: Revlon Parfumerie

While perusing the Wal Mart shelves the other day, I came across a display of a couple of new Revlon products which got me a little too excited. Amongst some new lip products that were completely picked over (I've got my sights set on hunting those down soon), my eyes went straight to these new nail polishes, which caught my attention not only because of these adorable perfume-like bottles, but also because they're scented. Now, I can't remember the last time I had a scented nail polish, but I'm going to go with it was probably in the 90s and contained glitter. 

The colors were arranged in the display by scents: sweets and spices, freshes, and fruits and florals. There were a lot of beautiful colors to choose from including some great ones for fall, but I kept reaching back for this slightly pearlescent light purple one that was in the freshes section. It says it's supposed to smell like lavender soap, and as a lavender lover, I'd say Revlon hit the nail on the head with this one. Once these polishes dry, the scent really comes out. It's pretty strong the first day, but has slowly become less scented as days go by. However, I can still smell it on about the 4th day, and I'll occasionally find myself smelling my fingernails like a weirdo (warning: you probably will too). 

I used a base and a top coat with this polish, and I was very impressed by how well they stayed on! I'm currently on my 4th day, and there are very few chips. And for under $5 a pop, I'd say these are worth it. 

They have a pretty wide color range in these, so I'll probably be making the occasional trip to the drug store to try and get my paws on some more colors. Plus, why would I wear normal nail polish when my finger nails can smell good? It's just a two in one bargain. 

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