Friday, March 14, 2014

The Skincare Products I Can't Live Without... Literally

It's rare for me to find a product that I've absolutely fallen in love with, especially when it comes to skincare products. Over the years, I've learned that my skin is a bit on the sensitive side, so sometimes even a slight change in my skincare routine can put it over the edge (don't even talk to me about changing my face wash... my skin goes into full panic mode). Moisturizers are a different story; my skin adjusts quickly to a new moisturizer, although I'm always on the lookout for ones that make my combination skin produce more oil, which is unfortunately a handful of them.

I've been a big fan of Origins products for a while, and they really know what they're doing in the skincare department. Face masks and body scrubs alike have all made it into my Origins faves stash, but the GinZing moisturizer and eye cream have managed to find their way into a special crevice in my heart (okay that sounds gross... but it's true). These two products go hand in hand and are an integral part of my morning skincare routine. These products contain caffeine, which isn't only good in your morning coffee, but also great for re-energizing your skin. I've found that the eye cream in particular really de-puffs my under eye area, and it has been a lifesaver for those many tired or hungover mornings. The GinZing moisturizer was released a bit later than the eye cream, and after it was released I remember rushing  to Sephora to purchase it. The moisturizer is definitely my favorite of the two, and I love the gel-like consistency because its light and soaks into my skin without it feeling like I didn't put anything on. It makes my skin look and feel completely hydrated, and on days that I go without it, my skin is incredibly less dewy and glowing. It also smells just like chocolate oranges and hello who doesn't love that combo? 

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  1. I've never tried origins before but adored the concept of the products and how well loved they seem to be! great post, I'm actually ordering this product right now! In the uk they're currently doing an offer where you get a free sample of the night-a-mins too!