Monday, March 31, 2014

3 Uses for Nivea Creme

I'm not usually one to lug around lotions with me at all times, but as you can tell by my battered tin of Nivea Creme, this one makes the cut. I bought this about a year ago for a mere $6, and never really touched it much because I had a bad first impression - it's a thick, white cream with a strong odor and a thick feeling. I initially put it all over my hands and it felt a bit greasy, so I tossed it to the side.

But recently, I decided it was time to give the classic cream another go, and this time experimenting with other uses besides just a hand cream.

What I learned is that I don't like to use the cream for daily application. This could be a picky personal preference, as I hate the feeling of lotion on my body throughout the day. But for the night time? That's where the cream does it's thing. Which leads me to my first use:

1. Nighttime moisturizer- I apply this to dry areas just before I go to bed around places like my hands and my elbows, and when I wake up, the cream has been soaked up and voila! No flaky areas.

2. Cuticle Treatment- I unfortunately must have inherited the "dry skin around nails" gene (thanks, mom), so treating it and my delicate cuticles on a daily basis is a must. I apply this throughout the day when I'm at school or work and then again at night (when I remember), and it instantly makes them feel less dry and irritated.

3. Lip Balm - At any given time, my purse or backpack is definitely not short on lip products. However, it is short on lip balms. There have been plenty of times when my sensitive lips have gotten overly dry by the end of the day without any lip balm, and I've used Nivea Creme in hopes of relieving them. To my surprise, it works as a good substitute (if you can get passed the strong, perfume-y smell, which I actually quite like!).

What do you use Nivea Creme for? I'd love to know more uses!

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