Sunday, November 10, 2013

Estée Lauder Re-Nutriv

After finally getting around to purchasing the beloved Advanced Night Repair a couple of weeks ago, I got quite the bonus with with some free samples from the new Re-Nutriv Estée Lauder skincare collection. I got the both the Ultimate Age Eye cream and Correcting Face Cream, as well as the Intensive Smoothing Hand Cream and let me tell you that I'm already dreading the day when I'm going to run out.

According to the Estée Lauder website, the Ultimate Lift collection is supposed to make skin's contours "look firmer, more lifted and sculpted" and make "the supple balance of younger skin return." Aka this is intended for more mature skin, but it can't possibly do any harm to my 21 year old skin... right? So I decided to give it a shot. As these sample sizes are bigger than normal, I've been testing these bad boys out for about 2 weeks now and switching them off with my usual night cream and eye cream products for a bit of a comparison experiment.

The first thing that I noticed about them is that they all smell amazing. Well, the face cream and hand cream do anyways, as the eye cream seems almost scentless to me. However, the face cream has the strongest scent of all and smells of a fresh, floral perfume. I'm a sucker for all things floral, so I've been loving goin' to bed with this scent on my face.

Ultimate LIft Correcting Face Creme: Besides the beautiful scent, I've found this cream to be best for my skin as a night cream, as it's incredibly rich. I also like that it soaks into my skin really well rather than just sitting on the skin, which makes it feel like it's truly moisturizing. Did I mention the scent?

Ultimate Lift Correcting Eye Creme: I've been using this at night partly because it's really rich (richer in texture than the face cream) and partly because I can't do without my Origins GinZing eye cream in the mornings - I'm hooked. This eye cream also soaks into my skin really beautifully and leaves my under eye area looking glowing and lifted. t

Intensive Smoothing Hand Creme: I love all things hand cream. This has recently made it's way to my night stand drawer along with all my other nighttime products which means that this stuff's good. The rich formula soaks right into my hands and leaves them moisturized without that greasy feeling and is perfect right before bed. The only downside is that because it's so rich, you feel like you need a lot of it in order to satisfy your dry skin needs.

And did I mention that packaging? Estée Lauder sure know how to keep it classy - anything with simplicity and gold is a winner in my book. These products are pretty pricey... okay really pricey, but maybe if you're lucky enough you can get a free sample (*shh*).

Estée Lauder has also apparently created their own face massage technique to use when using these products. BRB gonna go check it out...

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