Monday, May 27, 2013

Sunday Exploring

We FINALLY had a sunny and warm day here in Angers, so naturally, I felt it was necessary to spend some time outside. So, a group of us got together and went out for a picnic. I packed with me a baguette, some cheese, and an apple with peanut butter while some of the others stopped at a pasta fast food restaurant (yes, they have fast food pasta here) which looked and smelled amazing! There also happened to be a marathon going on in Angers this day, so when we went out, the park was busy with people, food, music, and sports. It was a good day to go out! 

We parked ourselves on the side of a sidewalk, right near the chateau. It was great to finally feel the warmth of the sun - I didn't even need a sweater! Here's some pictures of us during the picnic: 

Some of the things I packed. 
After we ate, we decided to explore the other side of Angers (which is on the other side of the Maine River) that we have yet to go to. This part of Angers is older, and contains some notable historical monuments. We first went to the Trinity church of Angers, which was build around the years 1140-1180. Then, we kept walking and came to the St. John's hospital, which is now a museum. The hospital in Angers is one of the oldest illustrations of French hospital architecture and was build around 1180. The building was guided by Henry II Plantagenet (Kind of England). It was beautiful and was surrounded by a garden with greenery and flowers. 

Old buildings on the other side of the river. You can tell they are of older construction because of the wood. 

The Trinity church of Angers. 

The view of the front of the St. John's hospital.

An inside view of the hospital. 

A photo taken from the other side of the river, which shows tents from the marathon going on and a view of the Cathedral. 

Spaghetti, avocado salad and bread - the first full dinner I made myself in my room! I found this really cool dressing here that is olive oil and balsamic vinegar already combined, which I've never seen at home! 

A picture of the whole group in front of the Chateau d' Vaults (where we went wine tasting)

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." - Marcel Proust



  1. I found your blog through a comment you left on vivianna does makeup's...I love it! Your posts are so well put together, simply lovely.

    1. Thank you so much! Such a sweet and encouraging comment :) <3