Tuesday, February 25, 2014

New NARS Matte Multiple in Laos

Yes, I'm on a bit of a NARS kick which is a result of a recent trip to Sephora, and we all know how dangerous that can be. When I entered the store, there in front of me was a beautiful display of the newest NARS product, the Matte Multiples. I've admittingly never had the chance to try the original Multiple collection, but the fact that there are 7 new matte shades pulled me in. Although the original shades like the beloved Orgasm are classics, I tend to stay away from shimmer in my cheek and lip products, so naturally I heard a mental *ting*ting* at the sight of the word "matte".

Out of all the shades, the color I was most drawn to was Laos, a rose-coral shade that's right up my alley. I used it on both my lips and my cheeks, and I love the color payoff it gives on both. Although I'm a fan on matte lipsticks for the most part, this product looked a bit chalky on my lips without the help of a little lip balm. But on the cheeks? Oh, the cheeks. Dewy, velvety, and only requires a small amount of product rubbed into the skin with the help of a warm hand and a bit of blending. And as a cheek blush kinda gal, these definitely met my standards.

You can apparently also use these wet, which I have yet to give a go but am planning on tryin' it out soon. I'm excited to try another color of these - I was choosing between this color and a beautiful poppy red called Siam. For $39 a pop I might have to save up... but a two in one product? May be worth the investment in my book.

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