Monday, April 21, 2014

An Eggs Benedict Brunch

Today I'm taking a little break from beauty and replacing it with one of my other loves - brunch. Brunch is definitely my favorite meal. Put pancakes, eggs, and bacon in front of me and I'm one happy girl. But a good Eggs Benedict? That's on a whole 'nother brunch level. I think I could probably lick a plate of Hollandaise sauce clean... sorry for the visual. I was actually contemplating this morning on whether or not Eggs Benedict is my favorite meal ever to eat - but then I thought about tacos and did a little re-thinking.

It's pretty rare for me to go home without Eggs Benedict being cooked at least once. It's become a family tradition for my family to cook this on special occasions, and although we all unfortunately couldn't be here for this one, we still had to whip one up for an Easter treat. Crisp English muffins, honey ham, fruit salad and a couple of mimosas - am I making you hungry yet?

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