Friday, April 11, 2014

What I Bought #1

Introducing a new series called What I Bought, which is going to include just that - things I've recently bought. I love seeing the kinds of products other people buy, so I thought a peek into my purchases might be interesting!

Revlon Nail Polish in Sunshine Sparkle - I found this on sale for $2 at Ulta, so I'm not sure if this is being discontinued or if I just got lucky? Looking through my embarrassingly large nail polish collection, I realized that I don't have one yellow polish. So, I decided to make this my first purchase. This one is a pale yellow with tiny sparkles running through it, and on the nails the sparkles appear so small you can barely even see them (which I like!).

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength in 140 Aisle Be There - I'm a sucker for anything iridescent, pink and glittery, and this meets all the criteria. I also really love the formula of these nail polishes, as they dry hard and are long lasting on the nail.

Essie Truth or Flare - This one is part of Essie's spring collection, and this color immediately popped out to me as I thought it was really unique. It's a pale, denim blue with gray undertones, and looks like something I'll most likely be wearing all year round.

Almay Eyeshadow in 125 Créme Brulee - I've had my eye on this shade every time I go into the drugstore, probably because it looks so similar to MAC's All That Glitters, one of my all time favorite eyeshadows. However, although the color is quite similar, this one is significantly more shimmery and also less pigmented. Although shimmery eyeshadow isn't exactly up my alley, it doesn't come off like you would think and actually looks really nice on the lid.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk - Y'all know how much I love this product, and after I saw my sister had this (see where I raided her makeup stash here), I have been on the hunt for it ever since. I finally found this shade at Ulta and quickly grabbed it. It's now safe to say I own every neutral color in the collection...

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser - I've been pretty skeptical about the new wave of pore erasers on the market, as I don't like to put extra things on my face if it isn't necessary. However, after giving this a try, I noticed it has a very interesting texture, and when I dab on a small amount to pore-heavy areas like around my nose and cheeks, my pores actually look instantly smaller and it doesn't leave a greasy feeling on my face.

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