Monday, April 7, 2014

So You Want Sexy Bed-head Hair?

I'm talking the kind you wish your hair actually looked like when you woke up. The kind that's simple, but unfortunately involves a little more effort than just rolling out of bed. Sigh.

I've never been one who's on top of things in the hair product department. I guess I've been blessed by the hair gods with my straight, non-frizzy hair, but that's also left me lacking a bit on the oomph factor. That is, it's hard to get my hair to do anything other than lay flat on my head. It never holds a curl and falls flat in a matter of an hour, even with the help of hairspray or mousse. I specifically remember a day when I was younger when I wanted my hair to curl so badly that my friend and I put probably half a bottle of mousse in my hair, which left me looking like a crunchy and wet mess. Those were the days.

It wasn't until I got a good 6 inch chop a few months ago that I decided I would give my hair a fresh start and kick into hair product gear. My lovely hairdresser gave me a few pointers on how to make my hair voluminous and slightly wavy - all I needed were the right tools and products.

The first thing she did was spray some texturizing spray onto my damp hair. I don't have the exact product she used, but I've been using Loreal's TXT IT Tousle Waves Spray for the past couple of months (I also mentioned this in my March favorites post) and have found that it really does it's job. Spraying more heavily on my roots, I spray this on my hair and give my hair a nice tousle with my fingers to help with the volume. It says it also has heat protectant, which is a nice bonus. Then, I use a diffuser to add even more body and wave.

While my hair is still a little damp after I use the diffuser, I spray my Not Your Mother's Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. I really like the coconut scent, and it adds more wave to my hair. After the spritz and a bit more scrunching, I finish drying my hair with the diffuser.

Once my hair is dry, I either leave it like that or use my Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, especially in the evening. I spray this on my roots, and then give it a fluff with my fingers.

What's your sexy bed-head secret?


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  2. Ahhhhh I want that Oribe SO bad! Trying my hardest to resist cos the price tag sure ain't pretty!
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