Monday, August 25, 2014

The Everyday Eyeshadows

 Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Paint in Chestnut Taupe 

Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze 

MAC All That Glitters

In case you can't see past the overwhelming amount of freckles that are currently on my face, I am in fact wearing eyeshadow. Open up my eyeshadow drawer (don't judge me for having an eyeshadow drawer) and you'll probably find an unexpected arrangement of colors, from neutrals galore to the odd blue, purple and green shadow. The blue shadows are for when I'm feeling bold and want to attempt to look as fabulous as Carrie from SATC (season 1, of course).

But when I'm just feelin' myself on a normal basis, I'm all about the everyday, neutral colors on my lids. For me, going to school or going to work isn't the time to whip out my darkest, metallic sparkly shades or glittery pigments and try to attempt a smoky eye. I just need something that's long-lasting and won't crease, and something that won't make me look like I just got back from a sweaty night at the club in a matter of a couple of hours. We've all been there ladies.  

I have a few shadows that I wear on a daily basis because they're just that damn good. Amazing, budge-proof, and inexpensive. Here are my top picks:

1) Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Paint in Chestnut Taupe - If you're looking for a cream eyeshadow that will literally not move off your eyelid until you take off your makeup at night, this product is it. It dries pretty quickly and when applied in a couple of thin layers, you'll get a good amount of color without it being over the top for daily wear. I also really love the color - it's a brown with just a hint of purple, which is great for blue eyes. Gold and brown would also be good everyday color choices! *I've found that painting this on my lid and then smudging it out with my finger is the best way to applicate! 

2) Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoos in Bad to the Bronze or Bold Gold - I'm still waiting for the day that Maybelline decides to come out with more colors of these because I already own 8 (oops) and I'm obsessed with them. These DO NOT budge. The formula is a lot like an eyeshadow primer, making it basically an eyeshadow and primer in one. Bad to the Bronze is my favorite of them all because it's the perfect, casual everyday colors and only takes my finger to apply. 

3) MAC eyeshadows in All That Glitters or Soba - My two favorite MAC shadows are neutrals, how surprising. In short, MAC eyeshadows rock. They have a fantastic color payoff and stay put, but I still like to apply an eyeshadow primer every once in a while before applying these, especially when it's a day that I'm going to be out of the house all day. If I had to give someone advice on their first MAC eyeshadow purchase, I would without a doubt tell them to buy All That Glitters. It's a light, slightly shimmery gold-pink that looks good on just about any skin tone.

4) NOTHIN'. Half the time I'm too lazy to put anything on my lids and I'll just apply mascara for days when I can't be bothered with makeup and am probably walking out of the house in the same shorts I wore yesterday paired with an old t-shirt. Nothing wrong with being natural! 

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