Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Snapshots

About 6 years ago, I bought my first digital camera. It was a Nikon D40, which wasn't the greatest camera, but it was good for a beginner. I've since upgraded to a Canon Rebel T3i, which I love and think I can definitely take better pictures, but I would still by no means consider myself a photographer. I've never been one to catch on to figuring out what all buttons, settings, and scary numbers on cameras do, so most of my photos thus far have been shot on auto mode (until I was finally given a mini-camera lesson!). Aside from digital photography, sometimes I like to buy disposable cameras to take some film shots over a period of time because I like the way they turn out, it helps me remember fun stuff I do, and I like to decorate my walls with the print outs.

Non-photographer spiel aside, here are a couple of my favorite photos I've taken over the duration of the summer thus far. Yes, 3 out of 11 contain a cat. 

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