Friday, July 11, 2014

Trip To Chicago Part 2 // Lifestyle

At this point, it seems as if I should call Chicago my 3rd home - right behind Austin and Dallas, of course. I like to visit whenever I have the time and since the sis lives there, that means all I gotta do is find a good flight deal online and I'm there. I love the city, and in the summertime, it really can't be beat.

P.S. Click here to check out my first (and much colder) Chicago blog post!

In the photos:
A view of the city from the beach / edamame at Sushi X / Emily at Sushi X / a blurry (but I thought cool) photo of me at Sushi X / Emily's cat, White Boy / the city / Emily in the city / at the beach / more of the city / me laying on the beach / Negroni slushi cocktail at Parson's Chicken & Fish / outdoor seating area at Parson's / the Chicago Theatre / the Willis tower and an American flag

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